Building Services Engineering

Imagine yourself in the most fabulous building in the world. Now take away the lighting, heating and ventilation, the lifts and escalators, acoustics, plumbing, power supply and energy management systems, the security and safety systems. You are left in a cold, dark uninhabitable shell. Building Services Engineers really do “bring buildings to life”. (

Hannan Associates cover the full spectrum of professional services associated with Building Services Engineering including feasibility, performance specification, design, consultancy, construction inspection, facilities maintenance and energy management.

Over the years the company has built a solid track record in almost every construction sector and our current workload includes the residential, commercial, industrial, education, retail, sport and leisure.

Our approach focuses on understanding what clients need and want to achieve from each individual appointment and building our service to suit. We place a great importance on the feasibility stage ensuring that the team can make a well informed choice of direction, which is critical for success.

Our design process identifies solutions by examining the key areas where architecture, structure and services influence each other. Our solutions are known for pushing beyond current thinking, while controlling risk and delivering on the key essentials of client and end user satisfaction. We think beyond handover so our clients know the long term running and maintenance implications at the point of choosing a particular design solution and we adopt a lean, mean and green approach to sustainable design.

Building Services Engineering is all about making buildings meet the needs of the people who live and work in them.

Like all other engineered products buildings must do what they were designed to do.  They do more than provide shelter from the heat and cold, or from sun wind and rain; they must also provide a safe and healthy environment in which people can live, work and achieve.

Building Services Engineers & Consultants are the people who make this happen.

We creatively apply scientific principles to design the buildings we need and to do so they focus on aspects of buildings such as:


  • Daylight and artificial lighting
  • Escalators and lift
  • Ventilation and refrigeration
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Fire detection and protection


  • Plan and design systems to create internal environments for the buildings where we live and work
  • Use new and good practice technologies to conserve the planet’s resources of light, air, energy and water
  • Creating a low carbon future for us all.


  • Energy supply and use
  • Communications networks
  • Facade engineering


  • Heating and ventilating
  • Water, drainage and plumbing
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration

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