Hannan Associates have 25 years experience of infrastructure appraisal, strategy, design and procurement. Our experience ranges from single buildings to large complex developments and includes City wide infrastructure appraisals. Our detailed knowledge and understanding of building operation and dynamics allows an accurate prediction of utility requirements and enables an approach which closely links the building design parameters with the utility strategy. This is supported by an up to date awareness of the current utilities market and the procurement opportunities and processes that exist. We adopt a risk aware approach to programming and delivery by the utility companies in advice provided at each stage of the project.
Our involvement includes site surveys, design and procurement of new infrastructure, upgrading existing infrastructure services and relocation of services. Sector experience is significant and includes mixed development, regeneration, commercial, education, industrial, leisure, residential and retail. In recent years our expertise has evolved to include on and off site renewable energy sources within the infrastructure strategy and we have considerable knowledge gained from appraisal, construction and operation of developments which incorporate renewable energy technology and sources. We also have experience of the preparation of information and negotiations leading to the sale / adoption of existing site wide networks to interested utility companies.

We have experience of both multi and single utility procurement methods in our infrastructure works. The choice of route is made on an individual development basis. Early offerings for multi utility services provision did not offer much improvement on the single route but the multi utility market offerings have improved significantly in recent years.

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